There's no excuse for abuse
State abuse

Since 2005 private operators have been recording strip searches in secret.
And without authority. Juveniles, men and women are recorded in secret. 
Copies are pemanently stored and with little control over who can make copies
The guards involved were suspended on full pay (paid holiday) for 6 and 9 months. No charges were ever laid. The Age Newspaper carried a report about a prison "prank". The Age reported a prisoner who was allegedly hurt and humiliated by an obscene practical joke, known in prison circles as "Sausagegate", is suing the private operator of Port Phillip Prison at Laverton. Kirk Steven Ardern, 27, has lodged a writ in the County Court seeking damages for physical and psychological injuries suffered during the incident on May 22, 2005. The Sunday Age reported exclusively in March last year that private operator GSL Australia had been fined almost $200,000 by Corrections Victoria over the matter and other breaches.
the incident in Fulham prison, near Sale, where he is serving a sentence for assault.

GSL was warned at the time that the case could affect the renewal of its contract with Australian Correctional Facility Pty Ltd, which sub-contracts to GSL. The
Recorded in secret and without consent, these videos are never destoyed. There is no real control over who can make copies.